Holiday hits

In 2015, illustrator Rob Polivka teamed up w his brother Jef to create a group of original Christmas songs for friends and family. Thoughtful, inspired songwriting and haunting, minimalist (iphone) production deliver a holiday experience like no other. Limited pressing of 50

polivka brothers christmas rhythms

Dis world

Everything sucks! This world has nonchalantly written its initials as ASS or FUK in last place. Do we let it get to us? Maybe sometimes! Should we? Well if the world is a reflection of our society, and our society is a reflection of us as individuals, and the world sucks, then we suck individually, right? No way – yer great! Reflections can look weird at weird angles anyways. The new Us Presidents album features 12 boppers and ballads at a 46:66 run time.

us presidents tape

Sizzle and moan

Slide around in this hot sticky summer w MAH KEE OH‘s endlessly catchy and charmingly aggressive new EP. Limited to 100 and printed in royal blue, this addictive cassette is sure to see some wear and tear from your walkman, man.

mah kee oh tape

Almost long lost

In 2017 Diva Cop came and went in the flash of an eye. Like a supernova crashing upon itself, a sudden burst of energy left us w a void. Lucky for us that power was transferred into 12 songs recorded by frontman and beloved TX recording engineer Brack Cantrell before the group hiatused. We’re happy to be releasing Piscine next month in a limited run of 100 tapes.

diva cop piscine album